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Here we share recipes, how-to videos and more information about our products and how they can suit your lifestyle.

Black History Month

St Mary’s School, Cambridge on Saturday 12th November 2022. We did not only take Jollof rice, we also went with our favourite Chapman Drink.

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Black History Month

As part of the black history month, we are visiting schools and providing them the opportunity to experience African cuisine particularly, Jollof Rice.

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Jollof Rice Meal Option Survey

Jollof Rice is a staple food in West Africa made with rice and a tomato sauce base to give it it's tantalising vibrant colour and taste. Your feedback from this survey will help us assess if your meal options could do with some more diverse options.

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Nigerian Independence Day

Read Year 13 pupil, Tiwani Kupiluyni's write up from last Friday's celebration. October 1st was Nigeria's Independence Day and to mark the occassion, we celebrated Nigeria day with pupils from Charter House. The student's took a trip back home with some jollof rice, grilled chicken and chapman drink.

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Chaplini Thumnail
YouTube Videos

We have a collection of videos on how to use our products on our YouTube Channel. We also share lifestlye tips for healthy living and how to keep the balance between eating good food and maintaining and good body.

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Founder, Tabeca Pantry

My name is Tammy, I am the founder of Tabeca Pantry. I love cooking and exercising. My products are here to help you spend less time in the kitchen.

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