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Nigerian Independence Day @ Charter House School

4 Oct 2021

Read Year 13 pupil, Tiwani Kupiluyni's write up from last Friday's celebration 

Last week, we celebrated Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day with Nigerian Carthusians. The celebration was organised by myself, Mr Pillet and fellow Year 13 pupil, Josh Diri, whose aunt had kindly made us all a traditional Nigerian meal consisting of Jollof rice, grilled chicken, plantain and coleslaw. 

Everyone really enjoyed the evening, as many Nigerian pupils have not been home in a while, so this gathering provided a much needed taste of home. The event was also accompanied with Nigerian music and dances. 

This was the first celebration of Nigerian Independence Day at Charterhouse. We hope to continue the tradition in future years and to open the event up to all, so that everyone can enjoy a taste and experience of Nigerian culture! 

- Tiwani Kupoluyi

Story credit: https://www.charterhouse.org.uk/news/news-detail/~board/general/post/nigerian-independence-day

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