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Nutty Haven Suya Spice


Suya is a blend of spices traditionally grilled with beef, lamb, chicken, ribs or fish


(Eligible for Local Pickup  | 24hr Delivery) Our new suya spice is bigger and better in a more eco-friendly packaging. Nutty Haven is a suya spice rub made with a blend of fine spices to help you create that suya taste we all know and love. A taste of West African kebab. Suya, believed to have originated in Northern Nigeria, is traditionally grilled with beef, lamb, chicken, ribs or fish. Nutty Haven suya spice ensures the use of the finest quality ingredients at an affordable price. I sprinkle this on everything like chips, vegetables before and after I grill them to get the best taste of suya.

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Weight 300 g

1x Nutty Haven, 3x Nutty Haven


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